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Top beautiful mini hotel designs

Top beautiful mini hotel designs


Top beautiful mini hotel designs

Nha Xinh has long been a company that has always been at the forefront of hotel design styles from classic to modern with a design style inspired by the owner. Understanding this psychology, KTS always gives you a unique architecture that helps viewers have a more sympathetic look in home architecture.

1. Designing beautiful mini hotel in Luxury Style The Demi Da Lat

bảo hiểm daiichi

Thanks to the talented hands, high level of expertise together with the professionalism of the architects, the project of the model of The Demi Luxury Luxury Hotel in Dalat was perfectly designed to make the viewer right. Pay attention at first sight.

The hotel façade is designed with simple shapes and lines, which bring out the unique beauty of the exterior space. With the moderation and use of floral details, the facade space is extremely gentle and elegant, unlike the heavy appearance of classical architectural style. The system of patterns, cornices, pillars, crown hats are inseparable elements when using neoclassical architectural style. Because they are the "soul" that makes the hotel front space beautiful and luxurious.

To be more suitable for modern life, the architects have carefully selected and carefully selected the decorative pattern details. From that point on, the redundancy of each detail is reduced so that the architectural lines become more beautiful and sophisticated.

In addition to using eye-catching pattern, pattern system, burrs, etc., impressively, the simple geometric blocks combined with the above factors have brought a more perfect scene. When combined together, it creates an extremely harmonious and elegant facade space. The blocks are stacked to create a complete architectural block from top to bottom creating a sense of certainty.

In addition to creating impressive bricks, the architectural lines of the hotel are also carefully calculated by the architects so that the space between the hotel architecture space and the surrounding area becomes not too much. lost that can combine to embellish the aesthetics of the project.


2. Design Hotel Mini Hero Doublevard

bảo hiểm daiichi

Luxurious, sophisticated and outstanding is the first impression when you see the design of a townhouse model of Doublevard hotel. Not striking for being too high or magnificent, but the model of Doublevard hotel model is still very impressive in the eyes of the viewers because of its unique beauty. The overall structure includes: 1 ground floor, 4 floors and terrace. Balustrades on each floor are covered with transparent toughened glass creating a synchronization in the whole body. Particularly for the terrace, according to the wishes of the homeowner who loves nature, the architects have set aside a private space to plant trees and decorate in a natural style so that the owner and the customer can board. This is relaxing, refreshing or drinking coffee is also quite interesting.

In addition to the use of glass balustrades, rows of wooden slats with horizontal units running from the 2nd to 5th floors contribute to the consistency and accentuate the overall architecture to make the house more prominent. Below the lobby of the ground floor is focused on the design. The front of the hotel is also the face of the entire house, expressing the class of the owner. The aisle to the living room space must step through the steps, which are tiled with shiny marble, half the surface area. The rest is the path to the basement to park the landlord and tenants. Inside this space, you will encounter luxurious and eye-catching beauty. The stylized wall is a floating pattern. At night, when you turn on all the electric lights, you will see a sparkling, fanciful space of a beautiful model house.


3. Beautiful Classic Mini Hotel Design In Dalat

bảo hiểm daiichi

Overall outside the hotel is designed with very strong and solid architectural lines, all details are designed by the architect to be very sophisticated and meticulous in every design detail. The elegance and charm of the classic style at this hotel is most evident in the wall ceilings, cornices, giving the space a unique charm of the unique architecture.

Every ledge, cornices are designed very well by the architect and adhere to the golden rule, ensuring full functionality and utilities to give the viewer a more elegant and elegant look. The hotel is designed with many large glass windows that bring more natural light, helping guests can admire the beauty of the outside more easily.

It can be seen that the hotel works are carefully studied from the whole to the details to create a perfect unity. The exterior of the villa uses white as the main color, cleverly combined with the yellow marker system to highlight the way of the roof or the unique embellishments with unique patterns. spectacular.

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New Classical Furniture Design | Mr. Dong

With meticulous investment and take care of every little corner of the house. The townhouse owned by Mr. Dong truly gives viewers a wonderful living space. In order to bring the ideal living space for customers, this time, the design architects of Nha Xinh chose the neoclassical interior style for his house which was highlighted with decorative stone tiles. The decorative cliffs are cut delicately and sharply combined with decorative furniture to create a truly impressive living space for customers.

Living room

French neoclassical living room furniture is one of the particularly important designs of houses. This is not only a space for families to gather, but also a place to express the personality and style of the owner. White sofa set combined with 2 single chairs in the middle of the house creates a firmness and is a highlight for the room. The blend of gentle brown and white colors is used interwoven to bring a balanced combination, creating a pleasant, close feeling.

The distinctive wall design using accents on the wall contributes to dispel the boredom or monotony of the pure white design. Televisions are close to the wall using simple decorative cubes on the wall to ensure saving space and not losing the function of the furniture.

Chandeliers are also a great accent for the room. No longer rigid in design lines, architects have used simple but luxurious designs to contribute to the latest image for the room. Living room with full amenities arranged scientifically gives the space a new, modern color. The living room space of the model house is the highlight for a beautiful model house with spacious area. The living room has created a homey atmosphere when people gather after tired working days.


Gaps in stairwells are often overlooked. However, if your living space is cramped, why not take advantage of this space to make the cabinets are stylish and beautiful. This is a great idea, not only beautiful but also helps you save a lot of indoor space. And do not forget to arrange some other objects such as tables and chairs or plant pots that contribute to the vibrancy of this corner.

Dining room

The dining room space is beautifully decorated, gorgeous and attractive in every detail from layout to interior selection. With a small dining table and chairs selected in neoclassical style and stylized, remove the cumbersome details but not lose the elegance and determination. The seats are also covered with high-end felt to bring luxury, contributing to creating a sense of comfort and comfort for the user. The decorations make the room more lively.


Minimalist, modern, eliminating cumbersome decorative details, respecting the beauty of power and powerful geometric shapes. This is one of the most popular design styles today, the minimalist style represents the philosophy of simple living, meditation, shaking off greed for material cravings. This kitchen model will be suitable for homeowners who have a simple, liberal and liberal lifestyle, without letting anything bind them.

Kitchen, dining room are designed with a common space is the optimal solution for the space. The dominant white color will make the house look larger and more open. Appropriate for living room, nice luxury kitchen and comfortable furniture. The most important furniture in the kitchen is the kitchen cabinets, U-shaped kitchen cabinets with an extension used as a bar. Noble elegance in kitchen design is reflected in the surface and interior usage. White kitchen surface with each function is clearly distributed to bring the most complete and comfortable space. Storage system above and below the kitchen surface helps the kitchen more neat and more convenient.

Guest bedroom

The purpose of the bedroom furniture design is to create an ideal and comfortable relaxing space after a stressful working day. After a long day of hard work, anyone desires to come home and rest in a fully furnished room.

Simple modern bedroom design is a trend favored by many households. Furniture simple design youthful. Colors are also extremely diverse. Furniture in the room is not too much so the space is very cool and comfortable.

This room creates an appeal and impression by creating a more spacious color tone for the room. The room is furnished in a harmonious manner, optimizing the use of the room. This bedroom does not have too much furniture, but this interior design makes a difference for the room more vivid.

Bedroom of 22-year-old son

As men we want a nice bedroom and have to be neat and tidy in our sleeping area. To decorate the bedroom beautiful masculine should choose a gentle layout, do not cram too much unnecessary stuff to fill the space, bring uncomfortable suffocating feeling when sleeping.

Unlike the women's bedroom, which often pays attention to elaborate and soft details, men's bedrooms are usually simple and modern. Men's bedroom furniture is very simple design and always ensure the use. Furniture in the bedroom space is not much, but always ensures to meet all the necessary functions. In addition, the versatile designer furniture is very suitable for this bedroom.

Bedroom 28-year-old son

People expect the warm, safe feeling when entering their bedroom, so the design of a room that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing is the common requirement of every owner. Not confined to the standards, showing the owner's unique personality, the newness and the dynamic focus on the performance of the furniture.

The room is designed with straight and healthy lines, integrating workspace, relaxing, sleeping in the same area but still creating the feeling of spaciousness, comfort as usual. The whole room is a smart layout of space, a harmonious combination between aesthetics and function.

The architectural elegance expresses the sophistication of the designer and the investor's family. The space exudes a new modern but warm and relaxed atmosphere. To avoid the monotony of the bedroom, the architect has decorated pictures to make the room more impressive.

Master bedroom

Life today is growing, which entails the need for a truly comfortable and generous living space. Bedroom is an important space that every homeowner cares for from designing to decorating, in order to bring the most peaceful resting place after tired working days.

Color is the "soul" of space, giving us the most pleasant feeling. The room was selected with gentle colors. The room is very minimalist design, all the cumbersome details are reduced. Wardrobe placed next to the wall is really square with the room, not rugged. With the softness of the bed, the owner can completely rest and relax comfortably, a makeup corner, a television, everything is neatly arranged, creating an airy living space, comfortable.


noi that phong tho dep 3

In Vietnam, the hall space is always focused. Therefore, KTS has designed a separate room for worshiping space. The design of the altar with warm brown wood tones, meticulous and impressive decorative details, opening a perfect interior space. This is a spiritual place so keeping the space always quiet is essential.

With a moderate area, the serenity of the church room is reasonably decorated, the colors in the space are used in delicate white, the windows systems are used in a clear way, the room space creates a look. ancient room.

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The beautiful house only has 21m2, so many people love it

- Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, a beautiful house with a mere 21m2 makes many people fascinated by the design and arrangement of furniture in the science and sophistication.


The apartment is painted a pure white, this approach not only creates a light effect that brings a feeling of harmony but also creates a feeling of open space. Looking at this, anyone thought this apartment was only 21m2 right.

The apartment was strongly impressed by the bright hallway with white walls and bright wooden floors. The kitchen on the right is equipped with enough facilities to connect with the large balcony. The beautiful days sitting on the terrace sipping a glass of wine and watching the surrounding scenery is not great.

The ceiling is designed quite high, the picture hangs the words from very long ago of the last century with 2 large windows that make the living room extremely interesting. The decoration here has been kept to a minimum, directing attention to the scenery of the Swedish suburbs.


The kitchen is not so big, but the apartment owner has chosen a formal dining table with a capacity of up to 4 people at a time. Gray mosaic copies are subtly placed with gray wooden cabinets. In addition to beautiful home furnishings, the special feature of this apartment also includes the presence of LED lighting. The kitchen is very open, although the area is quite small thanks to the large door, opening up the vast space outside. The owner does not forget to create a homogeneity when using white cardboard combined with green walls gentle texture to bring a cool feeling.

No need to be too fussy, the living room just needs a long sofa to accommodate guests and daily activities. Sofa combined with small table placed next to it is just enough for the living room to become more luxurious and polite. The owner is also very skillful in combining the gray of the sofa and the light gray of the carpet. As such, it will make the room more airy.


The bedroom is located right next to the living room and they are only separated by a small low wall. The selection of this wall will bring a feeling of airy but still very private. Although small, the owner does not forget to make a small bookshelf hanging on the wall and do not waste any space to meet the daily reading needs.

Large balcony with nice view is a big plus for this 21m2 apartment. A set of simple design chairs, adding small beautiful bonsai pots will be an ideal relaxation point after tired working hours. read more

With only 21m2, apartment with kitchen furniture, living room really impresses for beautiful home enthusiasts.

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Beautiful hotel designs in Dalat, Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet, Vung Tau

Today, the demand for tourism is growing, so that the needs of the people are more essential than ever. The hotel is the most ideal place for visitors' tours, so the quality of hotels must attract people with objective factors such as hotel aesthetics or service quality. Good guarantee of customer requirements. Here are the most clean hotel models that Nha Xinh company will introduce to customers for reference.

1. Beautiful hotel design in Dalat

Dalat is a tourist center that attracts millions of tourists here, so building a standard hotel here is a very good investment. The overall facade of this hotel with its elegant appearance, impresses by the strong and beautiful beauty of architectural features. Besides, the perfect combination of extremely attractive glass wall system. The hotel architecture is completely different from the surrounding buildings. Although the hotel front area is not large, but with unique architecture, it makes the hotel more modern.

Not too sophisticated in the design of the outer space, but the hotel also creates a modern beauty for itself, is designed with large floors with the use of glass walls that can help to observe the surrounding landscape. . read more 12 cung hoàng đạo

The hotel lobby is the first space customers enter, according to which the hotel lobby includes the reception area with the reception function. So designing hotel reception with beautiful and impressive space will surely create initial sympathy in every customer. The design of the hotel front desk is comfortable, has high aesthetic value combined with harmonious space will receive satisfaction from customers, create a feeling of attachment, and keep customers stay longer. . This not only brings a constant number of customers ... contributing to increase revenue but also creates brand of hotels in the market. read more


Coming to a hotel restaurant, customers not only enjoy the "in" service but also the "eating" service. Designing hotel and restaurant in general and interior design of hotel and restaurant in particular is one of the very important criteria, requiring to integrate with the design style that KTS wants to aim at.

In essence, the hotel restaurant is a type of hotel that integrates a restaurant to cater to the hotel's guests. We can see that, in essence, in order to run the hotel restaurant, investors must have high expertise, hotels and restaurants need to have continuous cooperation and coordination to ensure the operation effectively.

Unique and luxurious dining area, wood is the preferred part of this design. Wood is a natural product, giving a sense of belonging. Wood has the ability to create warmth in winter and cool in summer. Since it is a natural product, when used, it will create a sense of harmony with nature. In addition, wood also helps to bring a present and close luxury to create a friendly feeling for customers.


One of the key services of the hotel is accommodation. Despite its splendid and luxurious appearance, what makes customers want to return to the hotel is the quality that comes from hotel room design, more specifically how to use and arrange the furniture of each functional department. .

The hotel bedroom is where visitors spend most of their time staying at the hotel, also a resting place after a tiring day of travel. Therefore, the design of hotel bedroom furniture must satisfy the criteria of luxury, clean, cozy, comfortable to meet the needs of visitors.

Luxurious and modern hotel interiors work to retain visitors, creating an impression for each visit. Bedroom furniture also makes the brand image of the hotel as well as customer satisfaction.

In this room selected with calm colors, from walls, chairs, curtains to carpets. In addition, the room also has a small, convenient working table for customers who are on their business trip. 

2. Beautiful hotel design in Phu Quoc


The largest island in Kien Giang is being positioned as the most exciting tourist market in Vietnam, as well as the potential tourism and resort real estate market in 2019. This opens many opportunities. for investors who have a strong business mindset and business with tourism service on Ngoc island.

Hotel swimming pool is an indispensable utility to show the luxury and class for the hotel. Providing a comfortable, convenient and convenient vacation space, the hotel is where they enjoy rest and relaxation after a long trip or after stressful working days. The pool area also contributes to expressing the architectural style of the hotel. The swimming pool is designed to require the sophistication of the architects in creating shapes and design lines to suit the architecture and embellish the beauty of the hotel.

Swimming pool is designed in 2 areas inside the hotel and outside on the terrace area to have more airy. The space around the pool must be open and the weather must always be stable. The swimming pool is designed with green space to create a feeling of relaxation and closeness to nature.

Luxurious and sophisticated hotel lobby is the first factor to leave an impression on customers. The lobby is a place to welcome guests, a resting place, a place where many customers come back, so it is very spacious, bright and comfortable. Friendly, warm space design creates a feeling of closeness through the use of color design, interior decoration, unique, luxurious and attractive product display.


The hotel's gastronomic space is where customers enjoy delicious food, which is also the place to keep customers coming back to the hotel so it is necessary to have a romantic and playful layout, friendly and convenient layout. most with meals.

Event rooms or bars to serve the entertainment needs of customers. With a luxurious, sophisticated and modern design, showing the professionalism of the hotel, at the same time bringing the charm to leave a good impression for customers.


In addition to meeting and serving customers' needs well, a hotel needs to have a full range of utility services, satisfying all the essential needs during their stay. Therefore, in addition to the bedroom area for visitors to relax, the hotel also has additional areas of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, fitness rooms, Spa area, ... with the goal of serving the best for customer.

If you consider the first necessity to stay and the second will be eating. Therefore, the restaurant service in the hotel is definitely an indispensable part. A beautiful restaurant is indispensable with the combination of interior design. If architecture is "skeleton" then the interior is "skin" covering the entire architecture. The dining area is luxuriously designed and attractive, the furniture is selected and arranged scientifically, with a spacious and comfortable area, dining tables and chairs are arranged appropriately, accommodating a sufficient number of guests. east, at the same time the space is deep and airy.

Spa can be said to be the ideal paradise for all customers' needs. People come to the spa for health care, relaxation and fatigue. Therefore, the spa space is designed very comfortably, creating a sense of relaxation, helping to improve the spirit as well as physical for customers. Spa of the hotel is beautifully designed, ensuring aesthetic values as well as a reasonable division of functions, lighting system design, electrical and water system design, Spa interior design, ... ...


The space of the bedroom is beautiful, warm and comfortable, giving the user the utmost perfection and relaxation. The interior decoration is reasonable, warm colors, contributing to create a comfortable feeling, comfortable for users.

In this room, all items from curtains, carpets, wooden furniture, are used in dark colors. Therefore, the white bed will be the most attractive point for customers when entering the room.

3. Design of Royal hotel in Phan Thiet


Only 3 hours away from Saigon, Phan Thiet tourism is the ideal destination for short holidays. Beautiful beaches such as Mui Ne, Bai Rang or Mui Ke Ga attract tourists with clear blue water and smooth white sand. This is also the most concentrated place of hotels in Phan Thiet, just a few steps away, visitors have been immersed in the cool water.

In the sea, Phan Thiet also has other attractive "specialties" such as extensive sand dunes at Mui Ne sand dunes or Bau Trang; pristine islands like Hon Rom and Ghenh Hon ...; and unique cultural and historical destinations such as Poshanu Cham Tower, or Duc Thanh School. Surely no one can be bored when traveling Phan Thiet. Therefore, the hotel here must be designed to be unique and attract the best tourists.

In the summer, if not the sea, be a pool. Sure! Especially when going on vacation in hotels, the swimming pool is one of the indispensable things. With a swimming pool designed with the sea and a view towards the sea, creating a feeling of being adjacent to the sea, both beautiful and wide, this is surely the most relaxing space for each customer. Simple, light but still no less luxurious and sophisticated. The visitors will relax, enjoy the fresh breeze from the sea blowing in.


When it comes to hotels, we envision it as a luxurious design with excellent services. Entering the hotel, everyone hopes to enjoy the feeling of a god. With the luxurious and eye-catching interior design, it will leave a good impression for anyone when visiting the hotel. The dining room in the hotel is designed according to the unique and modern architecture, creating a luxurious look, attracting all tourists.

The dining space above is built and designed in a relatively large space. On one floor, a series of dining tables are presented with very tight layouts, to provide certain comfort to customers during use. Each dining space in different "banquet" style is created by the most luxurious lines. With a refined selection of architectural details as well as the interior shown, it has brought spectacular beauty in each different area to help users get the most respect when using the service in this hotel. .


You will be amazed when you step into this hotel bedroom, with a great combination of color and light of the room. You will see luxurious modern beauty in this room. The room is used with a white color as the key to create elegant and pure features for the room. In addition, wood is the main material selected for the room from floor to interior, because wood has many outstanding advantages. The bed for you to rest with the interior layout and color combination is simple and gentle to bring a friendly look to users. The hotel bathroom space is luxuriously designed and comfortable in a modern and close style, fully meeting the needs of customers when coming to the hotel. read more thiết kế khách sạn

4. Beautiful hotel design in Vung Tau

Vung Tau is known as the charming city by the smooth sandy beach, the waves are swirling with strong waves but there are many mountains and mountains of tourists because of paradise resorts, hotels with diverse and beautiful views. It can be said that Vung Tau is one of the tourist attractions attracting many customers. There are many hotels developed with the aim of making rest for tourists. So developers want to design so that their hotels can impress customers.


Outside the molded hotel campus is a high-end resort with a design like a play area for children. Resort always follows the natural topography and development with a clean and green environment, the resort impresses visitors at the first sight.

The restaurant is a place of business so beautiful design will be a part of creating a prosperous business. The dining area is designed with a unique and attractive design, which is considered an important factor because it is the factor that helps your restaurant become more attractive and impressive in the mind. the position of the guests.

The hotel bedroom is designed based on the criteria as well as ranking according to international standards from facilities to equipment, service quality to meet the needs of customers to rest. , living and entertainment according to different categories here.

Bedroom system is clearly divided, so that visitors can easily distinguish: single rooms, double rooms, VIP rooms, ... And the bedroom space is designed and decorated appropriately, through airy for visitors to have the most comfortable, relaxing and entertaining moments.

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Beautiful European Classic Villa Design Mr. Hoang | Dong Nai

The classic European villa style is always a great choice for homeowners who want a luxurious and classy living space as well as affirming their position and socio-economic potential.

The beauty of classical architecture always has a standing position and touches "millions" of customers' hearts including Mr. Thanh. A quite young person but European classic beauty has also conquered him after coming to Nha Xinh Architecture, making himself quite satisfied because his strict requirements have been outlined by the architects. quite obviously bring a very "worth living" property in Dong Nai. Follow us BTV to visit the whole villa to feel clearly.

Located in a luxurious urban area, the beautiful villa design with this large garden has fully recreated the characteristics of the classy European classical architecture, bringing a luxurious and romantic living space. the best. "Performance is temporary, class is forever" and his classic villa is that level. read more 

The architectural structure shown by KTS is very strong, along with the sharp edges with detailed meticulous decorative reliefs, high sophistication that bring a perfect whole. , luxurious. Each floor has a balcony overlooking the front, has a very clever design, thereby creating focal points to bring beauty "virtuosity" to different works.

Not only that, the property also owns an extremely large garden, which is filled by architects with many natural green areas, bringing a beautiful, green environment, helping to enhance the beauty of villa architecture and at the same time creating a peaceful breathing space. for members living in the house.

The construction of the lake in the middle of the garden has the effect of creating feng shui, contributing to the prosperity of the homeowners later, making it difficult for anyone who entered the villa to resist its attraction. Because of that, the architecture of this property was quickly "top" into the sights of successful and wealthy giants who loved the beauty of European classical architecture.

Living room





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Modern Villa Design Template | Uncle Tai

The modern style villa design of the uncle's family now attracts many people's attention and popularity because of its unique and modern appearance and elegance. This is one of the most beautiful and striking modern style villa designs. Along with the sophisticated eyes and extensive look that architects have designed, it should be a modern, luxurious and luxurious villa project. For customers to have a clearer view of this modern villa model. Today, Nha Xinh company would like to invite you to consult the design of the villa below designed by our company for Uncle Tai with a unique style with a modern architecture.

Modern style villa designs are always given priority in space. Exterior architecture is simply decorated and compacted to a minimalist level. Modern architecture does not follow a symmetrical way but instead of creativity, strong, free, and based on basic geometric principles. Friendly design, functional space with close connection with nature.

The whole house is a unified, from layout, color to material ... Along with that is the perfect combination with green space, harmonious, close to nature. Bring a comfortable and comfortable living space for the whole family. The house space is designed with 4 floors with interlocking cubes forming a unique feature for the house. The villa is selected with a white tone because this is a color that is not too prominent and creates a pleasant feeling of escape, in addition, the architect also uses other colors such as gray from the gate, color. Black from the ceiling, brown from the wooden bars to help reduce the tediousness of white color.

However, our architects took advantage of the gaps to arrange the design of green spaces with smart and flexible layout to create a cool, impressive and beautiful space. The design of the green space outside the gate, along with a fence full of trees and flowers along with a few pots of plants at the balcony, terrace, areas with lots of light make the house more aesthetic.

The villa is used with glass walls combined with the shape of structural blocks to increase the maximum brightness for the house and expand the visibility to the outer space. And when looking at this design with the way of creating a large glass cube combining clever glass wall bancol, the house seems to create a lot of beautiful views, and the use of glass materials for this house becomes superior to other materials. It represents a new trend, an open, modern and creative architecture trend.

Glass is used to make the house more gentle and soaring. In addition, the glass also helps the space to have a wider view, showing the interior interior decoration, in addition to helping the space get the natural light source from outside. The cubic shape structure is designed strictly, scientifically and reasonably, suitable to the terrain to create beautiful views from inside and outside the house. In order to avoid the view from the outside, which is detrimental to the family, the fence gate is designed by architects high and discreet. read more

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Top 10 most beautiful level 4 house models in 2019

The most beautiful 4 level house designs 2019
When learning about beautiful house models, you certainly cannot ignore the cost of building that house. Or the question of how much beautiful 4-level house models are also a question of many people. Level 4 houses do not have fixed price lists. By depending on the conditions as well as the needs of the family. If possible, you can choose modern 4-level house models with full design from floor to interior. In addition, how much does a level 4 house have to depend on, depending on which level 4 house you want to build. Accordingly, the model of level 4 houses has two types: the mezzanine house model and the 4-level modern house model. However, no matter what type of house you choose, you will have to estimate a sufficient and suitable budget for the construction process. The 4-storey house models are simple and small, but if you know how to design and utilize every space, it will be very convenient for living. Here are the nice level 4 houses that Nha Xinh company will introduce to you to help you choose a pleasant home model for your family.

nha cap 4 dep 3

The house is designed with a flat roof, with a simple design, along with a clean and luxurious white pure tone, in addition to a side roof designed to make the garage extremely convenient. benefits and simplicity. read more

nha cap 4 dep 4 

With the design of the beautiful house level 4 with the harmonious layout, the simple design, the space is arranged scientifically, convenient for the layout as well as the arrangement of functional spaces of the house. On the other hand, the house model provides 4 red roof tiles with 2 spaces. Using traditional red tile roofs to create prominence, for this level 4 house model. When combined with white paint, it helps to create more outstanding and attractive. read more

nha cap 4 dep 6 

Beautiful 4-level house with outstanding solid shape, slightly combined color with classical direction. With this Western-style architecture, it is very suitable for homeowners who like simple and sophisticated styles.

nha cap 4 dep 7

4-level roof houses are popular in rural areas, where people with medium and low incomes have a large area of land. This model has a lot of beautiful, varied designs, meeting both living and aesthetic needs, in line with the tastes of households, from the modern home to the mezzanine to expand the area, or There is a spacious garden that makes your home more green.

nha cap 4 dep 1

Ergonomically structured roofs are very popular in low-rise buildings. This type of roof has a steep slope and is roofed with tiles. More and more later, there are more options such as fake stone roofing, wave tiles, ... to satisfy the diverse needs of users. Roof letter A, or the design of the front-level roof is the most common way to create an overall block for this type of house. read more

nha cap 4 dep 10

The house is designed with a unique triangular roof, along with simple design details, this is definitely a great suggestion for those who love the unique beauty.

nha cap 4 dep 2

Design of level 4 houses with flat roof designed in a modern and elegant style is becoming a trend. Bring a youthful, innovative, comfortable and destructive style.

nha cap 4 dep 8 

With a unique design style combined with a new color scheme to create the most living space in Vietnam.

nha cap 4 dep 9

This is one of the level 4 houses that many people love because the mezzanine design is an effective way to fully utilize the area of the house without affecting the height, and very save construction costs. . How to utilize the mezzanine space extremely rich and diverse. You can use it as a living room, family room or turn into a corner for learning or entertainment for young children, even a church room.